A reliable drainage system is an essential component of any domestic or commercial property - the mishandling of waste and a lack of understanding of how to prevent foul odour ingress can cause serious issues, however. That means if you're looking at an above-ground drainage installation for houses, apartments, or other dwellings, make sure you contact the industrial plumbing and pipefitting professionals at Hughes Mechanical Services. 

The two essential elements of drainage 

We live in a society where we have come to accept certain things as a standard - proper drainage is one of them. There are two elements to a successful drainage system, whether it's at your home or your commercial building. The first is, of course, that the system needs to be able to handle the flow of human waste from the premises. This is a fundamental requirement - blocked and backed-up drains are a deeply unpleasant prospect, and can cause potentially expensive damage, so are best completely avoided. 
The second element, however, is all too often forgotten in the way above ground drainage systems are designed. That is the prevention of foul odour ingress into the built environment surrounding the drain installation or showers. This, of course, is a quality of life consideration for yourself and neighbours, but there's a health component to consider too - namely preventing bacterial spread. 
This means serious experienced consideration needs to be given to the waste pipe and general drain design. 

Who do you trust? 

If you need an above-ground drainage installation you can trust, make sure you choose the team at Hughes Mechanical Services. We have extensive experience in the design and installation of drainage systems, bathrooms, toilets, thermostatic mixing showers, basins, taps (including mixer taps), sinks, and other sanitary ware. 
We will work with you through every stage of the process - from the initial design of your drainage system, taking into account your requirements and environmental considerations, through to the final installation of the pipework and ancillaries. Our customer service and the quality of our workmanship is second to none, which makes for a reliable and dependable drainage system. We're also available to consult with you regarding your current drain installation, offering advice on improvements. 

Contact our specialist team 

If you need an above-ground drainage system or hot and cold water services that are dependable for the long-run, make sure you contact Hughes Mechanical Services today for more information, or to get your quote. 


If you wish to discuss your own drainage project please call our team on 07812 608637. We offer free quotations as standard. 
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